Middle School

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm personal greeting to all students attending Seoul International Middle School.

Our entire faculty is looking forward to meeting and working with you to ensure you have a successful school year. We encourage you to take advantage of the school facilities and all its programs as you pursue your education.

SIS Middle School is a special place that offers many unique opportunities, both academic and extra-curricular for you. We hope that you take advantage of all that our Middle School has to offer and to accept the many challenges that you will face.

During your middle school experience, expectations of responsibility and leadership will increase. We hope that with clear expectations, a strong instructional program, and the cooperation of family and friends, you will enjoy a successful and satisfying experience throughout these three important years.

We will be encouraging you to do your job and be the best student that you can be! Focus on your four A’s: Academics, Arts, Activities and Athletics. With your contribution, our Middle School will be an even more rewarding place. Become involved in student government, band, yearbook, swimming, volleyball and basketball. Choose what interests you, what stimulates you, what you’ll enjoy, but most importantly, choose to participate! We are confident that you will make a valuable contribution to the school’s tradition of scholarship and spirit.

We hope that this year is your best school year ever and wish you a successful and rewarding experience at Seoul International School- Middle School.

Tim Teiman
Middle School Principal