Middle School

I would like to welcome all of our middle school students, parents and community members to a new school year at Seoul International School. This is my first year as principal of the middle school and I am very excited to be part of such an amazing school community.

The staff and faculty at SIS are all looking forward to meeting each of you. We are committed to do all we can to ensure that you have a successful year. SIS Middle School offers many unique academic and extracurricular opportunities for you. Please, take advantage of these opportunities and the incredible school facilities this year as you get involved and become a member of our school community.

Middle school is a time in your life when you will experience increased expectations of responsibility and leadership. Becoming involved in your school will help you reach these expectations and be the best student and citizen that you can be. Become involved in student government, band, yearbook, athletics, newspaper or any of the other clubs we offer and your contributions will make SIS Middle School an even better place to be. It is very important that you participate and get involved in your school. Stay focused on your four As: Academics, Arts, Activities and Athletics. We will all benefit from your contribution to the school’s tradition of scholarship, spirit and achievement.

I hope that this will be your best school year ever. I am confident that you will have a successful and rewarding experience at Seoul International School.

John Benavidez
Middle School Principal