ES Sports & Activities


The booster program is offered to all elementary school students and operates on Saturday mornings with three separate seasons. The fall season is from September to November with the focus sport being soccer. Winter season focuses on swimming and runs from December to February. Basketball is the spring sport, which lasts from March to May. SIS faculty serves as experienced coaches for each group of students.  Sessions focus on student skill and game sense development while participating in an inclusive, fun environment.

Grade 5 Basketball Jamboree

Each year 16 teams are selected to compete in the Seoul Elementary Basketball tournament. Schools from all over Korea come to compete at this huge event. Teams battle it out in a jamboree style format where each team play the same number of games and there is are elimination rounds or finals.  The jamboree style format promotes participation, sportsmanship, and fun!.

Field Day

Elementary Field Day is a huge event where all elementary students and staff come out for some fun in the sun.   The day is divided into halves, with Kindergarten, first and second grades participating in the morning events, and grades three, four and five participating in the afternoon. All students compete in   athletically appropriate, challenging and fun events.   Parents are always welcome to attend and help out.

Grade 5 After School Athletic Program

The grade 5 athletic program is divided into a 4 sport season.  The seasons are soccer, flag football, basketball, and swimming.  All Grade 5 students have the opportunity to participate in each of the 4 seasons.  The grade 5 athletic program benefits the students mentally and physically, along with learning skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship.  Practices are held after school and the season ending Jamborees are held on Saturday’s either by SIS or neighboring international schools.

ES Activities

KIMEA Elementary Music Festival March 2017