Language Arts

Seoul International School uses a workshop model in order to teach reading, writing and communication in the elementary classroom.  This model helps students develop the essential skills and habits of good readers and writers.

In Readers’ Workshop, students are actively engaged throughout the workshop.  Students are taught a variety of reading strategies, such as predicting, inferring, clarifying and summarizing.  The students read independently, in pairs, and in book clubs throughout the year.  They also learn to understand and interpret literary texts as well as informational texts.

In Writers’ Workshop the children are taught to bring a written piece through the writing process by drafting, revising, editing, and eventually publishing their work.  Students also learn the conventions of writing including grammar and mechanics.  Through conferring with peers and teachers the students will become writers who are aware of and capable of properly using the skills and strategies necessary to write in a variety of genres.

In both the Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop, communication is strongly addressed.  Children are continually given the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas and confer with their peers and teachers.  This promotes listening and speaking strategies for a wide range of purposes.

It is our goal at SIS is to create lifelong readers and writers with strong communication skills and constantly instill in our youngsters a deep appreciation for the written word.