Elementary School

Welcome to Seoul International Elementary School.

It gives me immense pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to all of you to one of the most prestigious and premier international schools of Asia.

The faculty and staff at Seoul International School welcome you to the new school year. Our experienced team of teachers and staff will take the most important aspects of traditional education and embrace the new educational technologies and methodologies to prepare your students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

I am so excited to be able to live and work at Seoul International School. Imagine living and working in a school where the faculty members are committed to their students, passionate about the school’s purpose, and engaged in ongoing professional development, enabling them to be extremely effective teachers in the classroom….where students have a strong personal drive to achieve high academic success and consistently demonstrate a high level of academic standards and are willing to help each other develop as well…where administrators have the commitment and vision to lead the school toward accomplishing its mission and student outcomes….and where parents and community members are dedicated and supportive in their important role of making this school one of the best in the world.

At Seoul International School, children come first. We want your child’s experience to be positive, enjoyable and productive. To assist your child in being successful at SIS, please review the information in your handbook with him/her. It contains dates of important events and SIS policies and procedures so you will want to keep it in a convenient place to refer to throughout the year.

Most Sincerely,

Art DeFilippo

Elementary Principal