Our Schools

Seoul International School is Kindergarten -12 school with three levels, Elementary (K-5) Middle (6-8) and High School (9-12)  It is a highly academic institution whose purpose is to provide students with  a highly challenging, rigorous and engaging American  curriculum.

Elementary School

The Elementary School is configured SK – Grade 5.  The school population is approximately 320 students.  Class sizes range normally between 19 and 23 students.

All grade levels run on a self-contained format.  Each classroom teacher is responsible for teaching Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Health.  Elementary Specialists are responsible for teaching Music, Art, P.E./Aquatics, and Library.

All grade levels have specialist classes each day at the same time, allowing for a common preparation time for teachers to meet and plan.  SIS also provides Suzuki music lessons to many of the elementary students and a beginners’ band, choir and strings program starts in Grade 5.  A variety of physical activities and team sports are available to students.

Senior Kindergarten students attend a full-day program.

ESL and Reading Support is offered for students who are developing English and making adjustments to our curriculum requirements.

Middle School

Middle School is a unique time in a student’s life.  It is a time when they transition from childhood to adolescence.  Seoul International School understands this phase of the students’ lives and endeavors to help them to make this transition by offering a wide variety of activities balanced with a rigorous academic program.

The Middle School program is specifically designed for students grades 6 – 8.  This allows the school to focus on the personal and intellectual growth of each student.

Middle School students at SIS have an opportunity to choose from “Specials” that include Art , Music classes, and Enrichment classes.  In addition, 8th Grade students may be permitted to take a year-long Spanish or Chinese language course.

Students are also encouraged to participate in activities outside of the classroom.  A broad range of co-curricular activities is available including sports, musical groups, clubs and community service.

High School

The High School enrolls approximately 430 students grade 9-12. It offers a complete spectrum of courses required for university-bound students and an extensive range of elective courses in Performing and Visual Arts and Information Technology.

Additionally,  the high school offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Studio Art, Biology, Computer Science, Calculus (AB and BC), Chemistry, Chinese, Environmental Science, World History, US History, Language Composition, Literature, Physics, Spanish, Statistics and Psychology.