Technology at SIS

The IT office at SIS serves the teachers, staff, and students of Seoul International School in all matters that relate to technology on campus. We are in charge of the network infrastructure, servers, software subscriptions, and essentially any other technology that has a plug.

IT Services for Students

  • Print Center
    • Printing Services
      • Black and White Printing
      • Color Printing
        • Color printing requires buying a non-rechargeable Xerox card for 20,000 KRW – that can be purchased from the IT office.
        • Note: Prices for A3 and A4 differ
    • Scanning
    • Paper Trimmer
    • Computer Kiosks
  • Apple Mac Square Services
    • You can purchases educational discounted Apple Products: Macbooks, iPads, iPods, you can even purchase customized macbook products
    • After service (A/S) if your Apple products are under warranty you may qualify for free repairs.
      • If you purchased additional Applecare you can be under warranty for up to 3 years.
      • Sometimes when products are not under Apple warranty it is cheaper to go with a third party repair vendor.
  • IT Services
    • Laptop Reimaging – This deletes what’s currently on your hard drive and installs school-licensed software. Remember to backup all of your personal documents and files
    • General IT troubleshooting – is something wrong with your computer we can help
    • Is your laptop getting repaired? You can borrow a loaner from the IT office with your school ID card.
    • You can charge your laptop in the IT Office
  • IT and Audio Visual (AV)
    • You can rent the following equipment with your Student ID Card and a teacher’s note
      • Flip Video Cameras
      • Tripods
      • Video camera
  • What Does the IT Office NOT do?
    • We don’t have the resources to fix personal technology problems (stuff like something is wrong with your cell phone). You can always Google it :). Or call your phone company.
    • We don’t allow students to borrow macbook chargers.
    • We don’t charge your phones
    • We don’t do data backups for you. We can teach you how to do it.

Student IT Office Rules

  1. Only students who need help in the office, friends should wait outside
    1. The IT Office is small and can’t handle having all of your friends waiting for you inside the office
  2. Show us your Student ID Card
    1. No ID Card, No IT Support

Highly Recommended Tips to Protecting your laptop

  • Keep your laptop updated with the latest software
    • There may be security issues that may be patched through updates.
  • Install Prey Project or a similar anti-theft software on your laptop
    • If you lose your laptop this is one way you can get it back
  • Purchase a hard case – available in the IT Office for purchase
    • To protect the laptop from physical damage
  • Purchase key skin – available in the IT Office for purchase
    • To protect the keys from spills
  • Backup your data weekly or store files in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc…)
    • Protect your files that you really need
  • Use two-step authentication of you have a smart phone

Laptop Rental Rules

The school has 20 rental Macbook white laptops on hand. These laptops are for students who have their laptops in for repair or other extreme circumstances. Here are the rules:

  1. Valid Reasons for Rental
    1. Laptop getting repaired
    2. Laptop is missing
    3. Other extreme reasons
  2. Invalid Reasons
    1. Forgot laptop at home
  3. Student ID card is needed to rent Laptop
  4. Student is completely responsible for rental laptop
  5. Rental laptops must be returned at the end of the school day
  6. Please shut down laptop when returning laptop

Having trouble with your laptop? Troubleshooting 101

  1. The first thing you should try is restarting your laptop.
    1. A lot of bugs and problems can be fixed with a restart of the laptop. You should restart your laptop at least once a day.
  2. Google Search the problem
    1. If you need help learning how to search stop by the IT Office
  3. If all else fails stop by the IT Office and we can help.

IT Staff

SHIN-Bum-Shik   Mr. Shin manages the entire IT Office and purchasing technology.

LEE-Joon-Bae   Mr. Lee provides support for audio/visual equipment, the auditorium, and printing in the student print center.



Mr. Kim is the support master.