Health Services

The school Health Policy is designed to provide the greatest safety and protection for SIS students and all others at Seoul International School. A certified school nurse is on duty during the entire school day.

Medication can be brought to school if it is essential to the health of the student. The medicine with accompanying written statement must be clearly marked with the student’s name, correct dosage, and parent’s signature. Medicine will be kept in the nurse’s office during school hours.

If an accident or sudden serious illness occurs at school, every effort will be made to contact parents, but immediate treatment of the injured student is our first concern.

First aid will be administered by the school’s Registered Nurse. If the situation is serious enough to require other treatment, 119 will be contacted immediately and an ambulance will transport the student to the hospital. The school will request that students be taken to Asan Hospital where SIS has a contracted agreement with the International Clinic. In the event that the ambulance will not comply with our request, then the student will be taken to a hospital in Seongnam City, as determined by the ambulance. SIS personnel will accompany the student. Parents will be notified of the hospital location and should immediately go to the hospital, where the SIS staff member will be waiting to meet them.

Head Lice Protocol