Elementary School Staff

Adams, Emily
email: adamse@siskorea.org
Bass, Catherine
ES Librarian
email: bassc@siskorea.org
Burt, Jordan
email: burtj@siskorea.org
Adam-CallCall, Adam
1st Grade
email: calla@siskorea.org
Alice-ChaCha, Alice
2nd Grade
email: chaa@siskorea.org
Choi, Eunji
Makerspace Associate Teacher
email: choiej@siskorea.org
Marie-GagnierGagnier, Marie-Eve
4th Grade
email: gagnierm@siskorea.org
Tonya-GerhardGerhard, Tonya
Senior Kindergarten
email: gerhardt@siskorea.org
Han, Hannah
3rd Grade
email: hanh@siskorea.org
Jim-HardcastleHardcastle, James
4th Grade
email: hardcastlej@siskorea.org
Hill, Diahn
1st Grade
email: hilld@siskorea.org
Hill, Steven
3rd Grade
email: hills@siskorea.org
Jin, Trish
2nd Grade
email: jint@siskorea.org
Kim-LuciaKim, Lucia
Junior Kindergarten
email: kiml@siskorea.org
Sarah-KimKim, Sarah
5th Grade
email: kims@siskorea.org
Lee, Elaine
4th Grade
email: leeela@siskorea.org
Marie-LeeLee, Marie
5th Grade
email: leem@siskorea.org
Emily-McleodMcLeod, Emily
Literacy and EAL Support Specialist
email: mcloede@siskorea.org
Park, Esther
Literacy and EAL Support Specialist
email: parke@siskorea.org
Dr. Park,  Ho Jeong
ES Music
email: parkhj@siskorea.org
Kaushal-PatelPatel, Kaushal
Literacy and EAL Support Specialist
email: patelk@siskorea.org
Ramos, Jodi
email: ramosj@siskorea.org
Zhang, Jinfei
ES Chinese
email: zhangj@siskorea.org

Teacher’s Assistant

CHOI-Yoo-JungCHOI, Yoo Jung
Teacher’s Assistant
email: choiyj@siskorea.org
LEE, Woo Ri
Teacher’s Assistant
email: leewr@siskorea.org
LIM-Ji-YoungLIM, Ji Young
email: limjy@siskorea.org
MAENG, Eun Jin
Teacher’s Assistant
email: maengej@siskorea.org
PARK, Hyo Jeong
Teacher’s Assistant
email: parkhjr@siskorea.org

Leadership Team

Resource Staff

Middle School Staff

High School Staff

Administrative Staff