Counseling Services


The counselors at SIS are available all day to assist students with personal or academic concerns by giving them the guidance they need.  The counseling and guidance department strives to help students become happier, more resilient people by providing an appropriate level of support for each unique circumstance.  For more information on counseling services available at the school, please visit the page dedicated to each level within this website.

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is central to SIS mission as a college preparatory school.  Students are able to schedule appointments with their level counselor to discuss any topic pertaining to their academic progress and welfare.  Each year counselors visit classes to discuss stress management, sleep habits, college and career planning, and transition to the next level (5th and 8th grades only).  Counselors are also available for individual meetings with students and/or parents to talk about schedule planning or other topics that are relevant to a student’s academic life.


The SIS counseling office administers a number of tests to students over the course of the year.  These tests range from diagnostic to college placement exams.  All testing is organized by the counseling office.  Please visit the counseling website for middle and high school for mor information regarding the different tests administered at SIS.  Any questions regarding any of the tests administered at SIS may be directed to Gray Macklin by calling the Counseling Office or via email at

Transfer & Summer Program Support

As a part of serving an international population, the counseling department is prepared to support students who must transfer both in or out of SIS.  For incoming students, counselors organize orientation activities and follow-up meetings as well as arrange student schedules to make sure that students feel supported during their transition to their new school.

The counseling office also supervises all transfers out of SIS, whether the students are moving to another international school, a school in the US, or a boarding school.  A centralized process has been established to make sure that the school sends all required documents to schools, so that students have the best possible opportunity to gain admission to the school of their choice.  This process also applies to summer program applications that become increasingly complicated and demanding over the past few years.

For any questions about incoming students, please visit the counseling page for the appropriate level and contact the counselor for that level.  For questions about transferring to another school or summer programs, visit the middle school counseling page here and scroll down to the section on boarding/summer school or contact the counseling office at 031-750-1323.