Applying to SIS

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Information regarding vacancies for the current school year 2018-2019 may be obtained by contacting the SIS Admissions Office.

Applications for the 2018-2019 School year:    We welcome inquiries about the school at any time. (031-750-1327, 1328)

Admissions Schedules of 2019 – 2020 school year:

Applications for New Students:  January 7 – February 15, 2019

Entrance Exams for New Applicants:   January-February 2019

Intent Forms out to Returning Students:  February 8, 2019

Intent Forms collected:  February 22, 2019

Re-enrollment Payment for Returning  Students:   March 8, 2019

Final Admissions Decision for New Students:   March-June, 2019

Enrollment Payment for New Students:  From April – June, 2019


Application Procedure

Step 1: Visit SIS

The best way to discover if SIS is the best fit for your family is to visit the school. Please contact the Admissions Office at your earliest convenience and set up an appointment for a personal tour of the school, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm.

If a personal visit to SIS is not possible, you may begin with Step 2 and visit us at a later date.

Step 2: Download & Complete the Application Form, Along With the Supporting Documents

The Director of Admissions will not begin screening an applicant’s files until the completed application form, requested documents, and the processing fee have been submitted to the Admissions Office. Once downloaded and completed, this form and the requested documents may be mailed, hand-delivered, or emailed to the Admissions Office.

Please download and complete:

  • All applicants must submit the following:
    • Completed application form
    • 2 color photographs of passport size
    • Copies of the title page of passports (child, father and mother).  For students with dual citizenship, submit copies of both passports.
    • Entry and Exit Certificate of the parents and the child – if applying as a Korean
    • Official school transcripts for the past three years and the most recent report card. English translation must also be provided if the original transcript is in languages other than English
    • School Attendance Verification
    • Most recent standardized achievement scores (IOWA, CAT, SSAT, ISA, Stanford, ISEE, PSAT, SAT, Stanford, etc.)
    • Hand-written or typed creative writing samples with teacher’s comments
    • Recommendation letter(s) as outlined below: (Sealed in an envelope if mailed,or could be sent directly by school or teachers via fax (82-31-759-5133 or email: Official recommendation forms are on the SIS website.

    Additional documentation is required if your child/children fall under one of the following categories:

    If one or both parents are holding a foreign passport (with no Korean citizenship), please submit the following:

    • Original copy of Alien Registration Card of the parent (거소증 or 외국인등록증)
    • Original copy of Korean Family Registry (if ethnically Korean – 국적상실증명 or 재적등본)
    • Birth Certificate

    If both parents have Korean citizenship, and the child has lived overseas for 3 years (1095 days or more), or 3 years of school transcript, please submit the following:

    • Entry and Exit Certificate of the parents and the child.  If the child has dual citizenship, please submit an Entry and Exit Certificate for each passport.
    • Original copy of Korean Family Registry
    • School transcript and Attendance Verification from school(s) attended overseas (both forms must be official and signed) – Please note:  Nursery – Kindergarten school records are NOT considered in the verification of schools attended overseas.

    Transfers from other International Schools within Korea under past eligibility (prior to February 6, 2009), please submit the above general requirements. For clarification, please call the Admissions Office. 

We strongly urge you to submit All of your application materials at one time. You may send documents as they become available to you, however, the Admissions Office WILL NOT review the application until All materials have been received.

During the official application time of the year, ALL materials must be received before the posted deadline, in order to be evaluated by the Admissions Office.

Additional application materials (e.g. video biographies, awards, etc) should not be submitted during the application process.

Step 3: Send Applications

Mail applications to the following address:

Seoul International School
Admissions Office
Songpa P.O. Box 47
Seoul, Korea 05661  OR Call one of the following numbers:

031-750-1327    email:
031-750-1328    email:

Thank you for your interest in Seoul International School.