“SIS is building on stable minds, stable teachers, equipped with a spirit of excellence shaping the future through our children’s.”

Brender Bernhard
Parent, Class of 2003
General Manager, Grand Hilton Seoul

“Without knowing at that time, the experiences at SIS has prepared me to embrace diversity in people and situations. As someone who works in the creative industry, that openness in approach is essential in defining and solving complex problems. Walking through the halls of SIS today, I smiled as I realized that those same principles apply in teaching, parenting, and even accepting your own naughty past.”

Yoon Ho (Richie) Choi
Student, Class of 1989
Vice President, Firebrand Wireless Consumer Design

“SIS afforded me educational opportunities that not only allowed me to thrive at Smith College and Columbia University, but also fostered personal growth that has been critical in shaping my identity as an individual and Clinical Psychologist.”

Mia Ihm
Student, Class of 1997
Graduate of Smith College and Columbia University
Clinical Psychologist

“It truly is amazing for such a small class size to be scattered around the globe, the idea of Six degrees of separation is now reduced almost by half. Personal network – a priceless tool I have been blessed with through my peers and faculty members whom I have met during the ten unforgettable years there. Now, if I could only turn back the hands of time I would not regret attending another ten years!”

Arvin Ko
Student, Class of 1995
Graduate of California State University
CEO AutoMotif Group

” The best thing I learned at SIS was to view the world from a truly unique perspective of possibilities being endlesss while being surrounded by students who are potentially the leaders of tomorrow. What I loved the most about SIS was that it was a safe environment. It gave me the opportunity to forge truly lifelong friendships.”

Jimin Yoo
Student, Class of 2003
Graduate of Boston University and NYU
MBA Candidate, NYU Leonard Stern School of Business