Learning Expectations

tiger values final

The students at Seoul International School will be T.I.G.E.R.S.

Trustworthy individuals who

  • Demonstrate academic and personal integrity
  • Strive to reach their potential and have a realistic understanding of themselves
  • Volunteer time, energies and talents to improve the quality of life in the school

Independent critical thinkers who

  • Solve problems creatively
  • Analyze, evaluate, synthesize and apply information
  • Show competence in research and study skills

Global citizens who

  • Value and preserve the environment
  • Understand that physical and mental well-being is a lifelong commitment
  • Accept and respect the diversity inherent in a multi-cultural world

Effective communicators who

  • Understand oral and written information
  • Express themselves clearly, logically and creatively in oral, written and visual forms
  • Have the ability to integrate technology

Reflective learners who

  • Demonstrate knowledge with understanding
  • Apply and integrate skills and knowledge from multiple disciplines
  • Recognize and develop their strengths and talents

Socially responsible individuals who

  • Collaborate meaningfully and efficiently on teams
  • Value their own contributions and those of others
  • Demonstrate responsibility and effective leadership