As a one-to-one laptop school. The IT office has a fifteen laptops for rental purposes.

Here are the laptop rental rules.

  1. Valid reasons for laptop rental
    1. Your laptop is being repaird
    2. Your laptop is missing (or stolen and a new one has not arrived yet)
    3. Other extreme reasons (Stuff that may happen that you aren’t in control of)
  2. Invalid reasons for laptop rental
    1. You left your laptop at home
  3. Your current Student ID is required to rent a laptop
  4. You are completely responsible for the rental laptop
  5. Rental laptops must be returned at the end of the school day
  6. Please shut down the laptop when you return the laptop

If you follow these rules you can rent the laptop as much as you can.

This is a privilege and not a right. If you do not follow these procedures the IT office staff reserve the right to not let you borrow a laptop.