ES Spring Parent Teacher Conferences 2019

Dear ES Parents,

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, April 11th and Friday, April 12th. There will be no classes for students on those two days. Conferences provide an opportunity to learn about your child’s progress, achievement, and challenges. Students are not generally in attendance for the conferences in grades Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade, unless the teacher or parent requests the student’s presence. However, students in 2nd Grade through 5th Grade are coming to school and leading the conferences with guidance from their teacher.

Student Led Conferences (grades 2-5) do not follow the same format as the Fall Parent Teacher Conferences. All ES teachers in grades 2-5 are working with your child so they can lead the conference, sharing evidence of their growth during the school year. Your child will be reviewing his/her work in their folders and around their classroom.

We believe that the Student Led Conferences are a very powerful way for students to be accountable for their own learning and to evaluate their progress with the help of their teacher. Some benefits of Student Led Conferences are that they build self-confidence and self-esteem, develop communication and critical thinking skills and allow students to begin the process of being actively involved and accountable for their own learning. Your child’s teacher will be present in the classroom during the conferences helping any student that may need assistance. If you have specific questions or concerns to discuss with your child’s teacher, they would be happy to arrange a meeting.

You will be able to book and sign up for your PTC conference date and time on the SIS website’s front page. Parents can select the best time slot available. This booking site will be open from Tuesday, April 2nd from 8:00 am until the following Monday, April 8th until 3:00 pm for parents to make appointments. There will be a banner that will be labeled, “Parent Teacher Conference.”

1. Click on the PTC banner and you will see High School, Middle School and Elementary School.
2. Click on the Elementary School link. It will take you to the ES PTC schedule booking calendar for the ES conferences.
3. Click PTC meeting and you will see all ES teachers’ names and homerooms. Select your child’s teacher’s name, date and time.

You will have to type your child’s name, parents email and phone number. Click continue until complete. Once the booking is complete you will receive a confirmation email.

Need A Translator: If you are requesting a translator please fill out the Translator Request Form attached to an email that has been sent to you from the ES Office, and then send it to school as an email or with your child to give to your child’s homeroom teacher.
Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lee in the ES Office at 031-750-1383 or email her at We look forward to seeing you at the Parent Teacher Conferences in April!


Mr. Art
ES Principal