2018 NEAMC Award Winners

Tokyo, Oct 6-8, 2018


We are pleased to announce the 2018 NEAMC (North East Asian Mathematics Competition) Awards.


NEAMC started in 2014 as a sister event to the South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC) which has been running since 2001.


Individual awards are given in 6 categories as well as the all-around winners. The categories are Communication, Collaboration, Challenge, Strategy, Knowledge and Creativity.


We had 9 out of 12 attendees from Seoul International School to bring home awards and an impressive 4 students in the top 9 overall (there were 117 students in the entire competition held in Tokyo, Oct 6-8, 2018).



Level Totals Award Category
Gold Medal 17 Individuals Collaboration,

Communication 6,

Creativity 4,

Knowledge 3,

Strategy 3

Silver Medal 9 Individuals Challenge 3,

Creativity 3,

Knowledge 2,


Bronze Medal 12 Individuals Challenge 2,


Communication 3,

Creativity 2,

Knowledge 3,


Antique Gold for top 9 individual 4 Individuals