Seoul International School high school students take home ‘Spirit of Empire’ award at the Southern Showdown mock trial competition in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

SIS high school students traveled to Atlanta, Georgia just prior to Chuseok to participate in one of the largest Mock Trial competitions in the USA.

The team took home the coveted Spirit of Empire award from the competition for a display of their hard work and ability to showcase high quality levels of engagement.

The students involved included:

  • Asuka Kurebayashi (9)
  • Evan Kim (9)
  • Alan Kang (10)
  • Elly Unyoung Choi (10)
  • Esther Kim (10)
  • David Suh (11)
  • Ryan Kim (11)

Congratulations to all these students.

Good luck to some of the team members who qualified and will travel onto New York City in November for the World Mock Trial competition.

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