Please choose a correct school to make an appointment.

  • PTC Scheduler for Elementary School will be open
    from April 3rd 11:00 am to April 9th 3:00 pm


  • PTC Scheduler for Middle school will be open
    from April 3rd 8:00 am to April 9th 3:00 pm


  • PTC Scheduler for High school will be open
    from April 2nd 10:00 am to April 9th 4:00 pm

If you have a difficulty to make an appointment, please contact level secretary.

High School Office : 031) 750-1324
Middle School Office : 031) 750-1326
Elementary School Office : 031) 750-1383

High School

[Letter from High School Principal]

Middle School

[Letter from Middle School Principal]     [How to make an Appointment]

Elementary School

[Letter from Elementary School Principal]    [How to make an Appointment]
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