Dear ES Parents,

Happy Spring! It’s still cold out but Spring is always such an uplifting and hopeful time of the year! I hope you all had a wonderful spring holiday and that our students are well rested for the next few months. In ES we have many interesting and fun things planned for April.

Our Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, April 12th and Friday, April 13th. There will be no school for students on those two days. Conferences provide an opportunity to learn about your child’s progress, achievement, and challenges. Students in Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be taking part in Student-Led Conferences. Students in Grades K and 1 are not generally in attendance for the conferences, unless the teacher or parent requests the student’s presence.

Student Led Conferences (grades 2-5) do not follow the same format as the Fall Parent Teacher Conferences. All ES teachers in grades 2-5 are working with your child so they can lead the conference, sharing evidence of their growth during the school year. Your child will be reviewing his/her work in their folders and around their classroom.

We believe that the Student Led Conferences are a very powerful way for students to be accountable for their own learning and to evaluate their progress with the help of their teacher. Some benefits of Student Led Conferences are that they build self-confidence and self-esteem, develop communication and critical thinking skills and allow students to begin the process of being actively involved and accountable for their own learning. Your child’s teacher will be present in the classroom during the conferences helping any student that may need assistance. If you have specific questions or concerns to discuss with your child’s teacher they would be happy to arrange a meeting.

Signing Up for a Parent Teacher Conference time is done on the first page of the SIS Web you will see a Banner. You click on the banner and you will see High School, Middle School and Elementary School. Click on Elementary School link. It will take you to a booking calendar for Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences. The Booking site opens up at 11:00 am on Tuesday, April 3rd and closes Monday, April 9th at 3:00 pm. If you have any questions you can call the ES Office at 031-750-1383.

Need A Translator at your PTC: If you need a translator and forgot to fill out the Translator Request Form don’t worry. Just call the school ES Office at 031-750-1383 and we will set you up with a Translator for your conference.

SIS Book Fair during the week of April 9th through April 13th is in the ES Library on the 2nd floor of the MS/ES building. Mr. Tim Gardes and Ms. Lim will be assisting. Please stop by and see some of the newest and hottest books on the market.

MS is hosting an important Grade 5 Parent Meeting for rising 5th grade students on Monday, April 23rd at 9:30 A.M. in the MPR on 4th floor MS/ES building. Learn all about the curriculum in 6th grade.

Saturday Basketball Boosters: May 5th is the last Basketball Boosters meeting days. Thank you coaches, parents and students for a successful year.

EPC Meeting: Monday, April 23rd 9:00 – 10:30 am MPR. Agenda: WASC Review, Makerspace, MS MUN Buddy Bench, Heifer Fund Raiser.

After School Enrichment Classes last day is Tuesday, May 29th Thank you.

WASC Accreditation Team came to SIS on Monday, March 19th and Tuesday March 20th. The WASC accreditation process aids schools in developing and sustaining effective educational programs and assures the educational community, the general public, and other organizations that an accredited institution has met high standards of quality and effectiveness. WASC accredits schools, by assessing the academic quality and educational effectiveness of school’s structures, processes, and resources. Once the WASC committee findings are shared with our staff, we will also share their results with our SIS Community.

As the days get longer, it is important to remember the need for a good night’s sleep. Being well rested helps everyone work and learn to the best of their ability. I hope to see everyone at our Book Fair and Parent Teacher/Student Conferences.

Mr. Art