Dear ES Parents,

2018 Happy New Year! I wish all the SIS families a New Year filled with hope and promise.

SIS welcomes our families back from the winder break, holidays and festivities. We hope that each of you spent some time with your relatives and friends, had plenty of laughter and took a moment to reflect on those things that are most important to you. I just returned from a wonderful time in Tucson, Arizona with my family and friends.

Here at school we are ready to make 2018 a year filled with success through hard work and dedication by providing students with daily opportunities to grow and learn. The hard work is the responsibility of us all – teachers, students, staff, families and administrators. As adults, we must remember that the development of the children at SIS is our first priority.

In the coming days, we must continue to assist our children on their path of learning and discovery. We need to re-establish good routines, habits within the lives of our children. This will ensure that our children understand that we are paying close attention to their needs and we are not distracted by the demands of our social and professional lives. This is the basis for establishing a set of expectations for our children and ultimately it helps them feel safe and secure. I know together we can make learning an exciting venture.

Here are a few reminders: School starts on Monday, January 8th, 2018. The following day, on Tuesday, January 9th is the continuation of our After School Enrichment Program, ASE. Mrs. Paula Scott is in charge of ASE program Our ES Swim Boosters starts in the pool on Saturday, January 13th – grades K-1 begins at 9 am, grades 2-3 begins at 10:00 am and grades 4-5 begins at 11:00 am. Mrs. Marie Gagnier is in charge of Swim Boosters . Next week after school on Thursday, January 18th our Battle of the Books begins with 4th and 5th graders. B.O.B. ends at 4:15 pm. Our librarian, Mr. Tim Gardes and 5th grade teacher Ms. Sarah Kim are in charge of the Battle of the Books.

Wishing all of you a fabulous new year ahead full of exciting new adventures.

Best regards,

Mr. Art
ES Principal