Art De FillippoSeoul International School 2009

Title: Elementary School Principal

Education: M.Ed. Administration from The University of Arizona. B.Ed. Elementary Education, University of Arizona

Experience in Education: 38 Years

Email: defilippoa at siskorea dot org

Mr. Art’s professional career in education has bridged three continents. He has been a teacher in South America, a teacher in rural one-room schoolhouses, a teacher in a large urban school, an instructor for future teachers at the University of Arizona, an instructor for future administrators at the University of Phoenix, a curriculum consultant in a large urban school district, an acting superintendent, a principal of four elementary schools, and a principal of a K-8 school. As principal of Davidson Elementary school in Tucson, AZ he worked with the Department of Education in building the State’s first Green/LEAD (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified School. His school programs have been recognized nationally and on radio and TV for the innovative and successful improvements made to the school community. He has been recognized as Arizona Teacher of the Year, and given the Distinguished Educator Award at the University of Arizona. He is married with three children.

Art DeFilippo