Dear 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Parents,

It’s that time of year again. This year, the International Schools Assessment (ISA) will be taking place on September 22-24, 2015. This assessment is for Elementary students in Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5.

The ISA is an annual assessment that has been specially developed to measure the mathematical, reading and writing literacy skills of students in international schools. The students will complete a reading, a mathematical literacy test and two writing tests, each of which takes between 45 minutes and one hour to administer. The tests include both multiple-choice and open ended tasks.

We must remember that ISA is not a competitive or comparative test, such as the IB Diploma or AP. It is not a test that students “pass”. It will not be used for purposes other than providing useful data to us, you, and your child, about his/her learning. A growing number of international schools now use ISA, including many of the acknowledged world leaders in international education.

In conclusion, we see the development of ISA as a significant advance in international education that will provide you with clear information about your child’s progress against credible, objective international standards. If you have any questions about ISA at SIS, please feel free to contact me directly. You may also wish to visit the website of the Programme for International Student Assessment also known as PISA ( and the Australian Council for Educational Research known as ACER (, for further information.

With best regards,
Art DeFillippo
Principal Elementary School