Dr Kim Hyung ShikThank you for your interest in Seoul International School.

We value you as parents who wish to provide the best education possible for your child. Seoul International School presents a traditional, yet greatly challenging U.S. curriculum of wide-ranging college preparatory courses.The dynamic and caring members of our faculty are dedicated to the intellectual and social development of young people within a nurturing and supportive environment.The school seeks to bring together highly motivated students from around the world who have demonstrated academic promise and sound character and who will be able to contribute their talents and energies to the school community. We look for students and families who share the values of our community; diversity, integrity, respect, communication, and service. Regardless of race or creed,Seoul International School is interested in students who are eager to develop within an environment of excellence with a global perspective in education.

I hope that you will find answers to your questions in our website. However, a personal visit to the school is also strongly recommended. We hope you will be fully involved in your child’s learning process, and look forward to sharing in the achievement of your student in the coming years.


Dr. Kim Hyung-Shik
Chairman & Headmaster