After a successful pilot of the after school enrichment (ASE) program last spring, the elementary school has decided to offer more courses to more students for this year’s programs—one that will run in fall from Oct. 16 – Nov. 15 and another that will run from April 15 – May 15.

“It was decided that the ASE program would continue for several reasons,” said Art DeFilippo, elementary school principal. “There was a large amount of interest in the program from parents, students and teachers. Our pilot ran smoothly and seamlessly and because SIS needs to add programs that further the high quality offering we already have in place for our younger students. It is our hope to continue the ASE program in the future as long as there is continual interest from students and parents.”

The ASE program will be available to students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The maximum number of students in a class has been increased from five to eight. The selection process will be on a lottery basis because of the high interest.

“We ask the parents to give us their first choice, second choice, third choice,” said Mr. DeFillipo. “If 15 parents select chess, then we do a lottery, and the ones that didn’t get it would get their second choice.”

There is a grater selection of course offerings this year, with differences in the fall and spring programs. New ones added to the program include French, ballet, embroidery puppetry, new media and comic club. Some continuations from last year include Spanish, Chinese and art classes.

Author: Lydia Kim

Photos: Mr. Faulk