Dear Parents:

We have very clear school guidelines for dealing with levels of yellow dust. However, lately, we have been dealing with a new issue related to fine particle pollution.

Our teachers and administrators have been working with our school nurse to establish new guidelines (outlined below) to limit physical activity when fine dust particle levels in the air are high.

Fine Dust Activity Restrictions

  • 0~30 micrograms – Good – All normal outdoor activities permitted
  • 31~80 micrograms – Average
  • 81~120 micrograms – Unhealthy – Limit outdoor physical activity to bare essentials.

When the level of pollution rises to 81 micrograms or higher the school will cancel all outdoor activities for students.

At 100 microgram or higher the school will cancel or reschedule all KAIAC games and after school high school activities.

121~200 micrograms – Very Unhealthy – Avoid all outdoor activities

201~300 micrograms – Very Very Unhealthy – Do not conduct outdoor physical training. Cancel prolonged and heavy exertion outdoor activities

300 micrograms or more – Dangerous – Remain indoors and keep activity levels low

Source : Korean Meteorological Administration

Mr. Corcoran
Director of Schools